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[27 Jul 2012|12:36am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Okay, my first post and I'm not sure what to say. I'm not going to introduce myself or do anything like that I'm just going to go straight into my dream, so here it goes:

I don't remember the details as much but this is what i remember, you may think this is long but the dream was a little longer and lasted throughout the ENTIRE night:
I was in a building, a sort of library, well it WAS a library but it also had a corner with a BIG tv screen in it, i was sat there watching a movie with a guy, the music from the movie i actually heard, it was a horror movie, and then something happened which I don't remember and we ended up in a cave and we'd been separated and so the mission began to try and escape from it. I found a group of people around my age and younger and we climbed higher through the rocks and gaps to try and find our way out, if that made sense, along the way there was another entrance and it was to a lair, a beasts lair, and as we slept people kept being taken to the lair and I slowly crept in one night to get one of the girls who had disappeared out and the other girls helped me.... i cant remember what happened after that but I'd created a close relationship with a guy who'd also been trapped in there, and wen we finally managed to escape everyone was happy though he had a grim expression on his face, we were talking, im not sure about what exactly as i can't remember what had been said amongst us but i was telling him that he should be happy and not miserable because we had escaped, then he slowly smiled and facing forward he stretched his arms out and just continued smiling as his skateboard took him down the hill we were walking down, then the chorus to run (leona lewis' version) began to play as tears of happiness escaped my eyes, (I started crying in my sleep during that moment), we all went our separate ways and i found my girl-guiding group near to the hill where the cave was so i joined them and i was sad, because of the guy i'd been separated from earlier on, they were having a meal and the leader of the group whispered in my ear that the adults were having chocolates and buns, since the kids were having spring rolls and sausages, and said that i could as well in an attempt to cheer me up, so i walked over to where was pointed out to me. i was handed a chocolate roll, and i began to eat at it but i still wasn't happy. Then one of the kids called to me and pointed towards where i had previously come from, i frowned at her and looked to where she pointed. At first i didn't know who the person was but then wen i saw him clearly i realised, my eyes went wide and i ran past the gate, which i didn't mention i'd passed through, and running up to him i hugged him as tears poured down my eyes.

I wouldn't have posted this dream only my mates seem to think it might mean something because of the details; so as much help and guidance that can be possibly given would be of great help. Thank you so very much.
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This is a really intense dream so read at your own peril.. [27 Aug 2008|11:49pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hi, my name's Liliana. About two days ago I had the weirdest dream. Um, I'm not really clear on the beginning, I mostly remember the end and when I tell you about it I'm sure you'll understand why.

Okay, first a little background information. One of the girls in my dream, Keshia, we used to be upset with each other and so we didn't talk. The other one, Vanessa, was, I guess, feeling really close to Keshia so when we started fighting so did me and Vanessa. Although, me and Vanessa have never been really close so I never really cared. The other girl, Helena, is my friend, well more of an aquientence really, and we are not fighting. We still don't talk though.

My Dream.. Well, actually it was more of every woman's worst nightmareCollapse )

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[29 Mar 2006|06:16pm]

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[22 Oct 2005|10:45am]

I wa walking through the woods when I met up with one of my friends and my ex. They were all going to hang out, so I decided to go with them. I saw this tiny girl, who was like two foot tall, and she wanted to compete with me for my ex.. (mind you I have another boyfriend now and am happy and everything) so we were doing a few weird things to compete that i don't really remember. Eventually, I gave up, and walked over to my friend's dad, who was gathering up all these toys and rope.

I said, 'That rope looks like good rope.' And he shook his head.. SO i pointed to another type of rope, "That rope look good, though.' and he shook his head. I went over to their house, and he had this big fish tank with nothing in it, no gravel, not a background, just fish.. huddled in the middle looking scared.

I walked outside where there was this huge cave, and people.. like indians.. talking a different language. They wanted to make my ex a painting to cheer him up. It was weird, they first took clay and made an imprint, then the next i looked the were banging wood and making that same imprint in the wood with hammers, and then painting it. It looked really pretty.

Then I turned around, and saw a black dog that resembled the dog I left at home (i moved in may and had to leave her) but when I picked her up, it wasn't her. And she (yes, the dog) said, "dont worry, it's only been a few months" and it scared me so I dropped her.

And that's about it.. haha.. that was one of my stranger dreams.. leaving me totally clueless when i woke up.
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[21 Oct 2005|04:12pm]

Las night I had a dream that there was this house for rent that I really wanted. But, when I got down there, it was for sale. I somehow convinced the landowner to let me rent it, and she did. I didn't even look on the inside.
Then, when I got in, it was so perfect! I loved it. Except, when I walked into the bathroom, there where 20 toilets and 20 sinks all lined up against the walls.. and i kept thinking to myself how strange it was and why anybody would need so many toilets.
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[29 Sep 2005|09:07pm]


Hi! My name is Mikolaj, 15 years of age from Manila, Philippines. I was really excited to find this community because I dream heavily and do believe it has something to say about us.

My most recent dream was somewhat baffling. There is a house behind ours whose interior I do not recall but have been there once during a children's birthday party a long time ago. I was in (during the dream) and the interiors, although I'm sure they're not of the house in reality, looked like it could be of the house's as they have the same flooring, walls, ceiling - interior design.  As I progressed inside I saw this somewhat old white man (think an older-looking, groggier, scruffier version of George Lucas) who I presumed to be the owner of the house - walking around the house, not minding me and watching TV in their entertainment room every now and then. When I went out of the house it was not in my village, but in somewhere like Manila bay. The outside looked like that of a museum with flags of different countries in front of the steeped open driveway, across the bay. The weird thing was I thought I saw old, chinese-looking people at the right side of the "museum-house," right when facing it with the bay at your back. But on closer inspection I saw... chickens! Quite surreal.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi [22 Nov 2004|01:26am]

ok, um, it's 1:30 in the morning, so i am too tired right now to give an intro to myself, but i promise to do so in the very near future. anyway, i am uber happy to see this community here. you guys/gals are just what i was looking for..so, here it is:

ok, i had this dream 2 nights ago, and when i woke up, i grabbed the nearest Post-it pad and this is what i wrote down:

group of people -> hiking trip -> line of supplies -> uphill -> failed (4 groups, mine failed) -> classroom -> test -> phone (cell) rang -> it was Sawitsky *side note: sawitsky is an old friend of mine from middle school who i still talk with once a month, who was also my psychologist* -> teacher -> never speak to him again -> answered -> ran out of room after failing college -> seeing records being erased on TV screen slowly -> returned for shoes -> room full of new teachers -> pulled me aside and said there are rules to follow here -> Woke up

anyone have any interpretations, explanations, readings, etc. from this that might help me figure out what the hell is going on in my subconscious? (by the way, unfortunatly, i can't remember any of it, so i can't clarify anything) please, leave something that might help? thank you...
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Dreams [19 Nov 2004|10:36am]

[ mood | good ]

ok here is a snippett of my dream last night:

I was trying to get through this cave that had a river going through it. Bright Vines and beige rocks were coming down from the ceiling and i was holding onto on of the vines. The water was a very light blue with dark blue streaks going through it. Almost like a fake water created in photoshop. I stepped on a rock, which kinda moved from my weight on it. I balanced myself then went to step onto the next rock which was a stretch to do. I had barely touched the rock with one foot when i heard a roaring sound. I knew it was a tidal wave coming from the tunnel behind me. I held onto the vine and when the water hit me i screamed as loud as i could. I knew that no one could hear me over the water so i made sure it was loud. I seem to be screaming more of frustration than hurt or fear.

i woke up screaming - which of course scared my boyfriend! LOL!

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[24 Oct 2004|12:02pm]

im going to try to make as much sense of this as possible.

i had gone into my old work, a grocery store. i immediately saw my old manager and said hello to her. she responded with squinted eyes saying, "...is that you?" after i said yes, we hugged, and her stomache felt squishy.. like it was full of water, and it rolled over itself. i remembered she had a baby and quickly asked about it, she said he was fine. i then told her that i still remember which aisle everything is located at, that i would probably remember it for the rest of my life. she said, "really? then where is the juice?" and i answered that it was on aise 25. she looked at me matter-of-factly and pointed out the aisle which was no filled with fruit. i was so sure that the aise used to contain fruit, and then i realized that whole store had been switched around and was completely different. upon tell my manager my insights, she merely shrugged it off telling me nothing had changed. i asked her where she lived now and i was suddenly looking down at a map. there was a big lake, river, and even an ocean.. and she lived between all of them. (keep in mind we live in las vegas) also on this map, for some reason, was an arrow indicating where these sea animals lived and they were all named, as if they were highly important.

suddenly we were in the middle of where she lived on a dirt pathway. it seemed calm and beautiful. i turned to my manager, but she was now an old lady, thin, with smeared make-up and very little hair. this did not surprise me at all. she looked frightened and told me we had to run because men with machines were chasing us...

that's all i remember..
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[05 Oct 2004|08:32am]

Okay, I just had this dream.. and it's kind of strange, short, and vague, but it's my dream nonetheless.

I was walking across the street, running to try to make it before the green man disappeared..(you know, on the sign? telling you it's safe to walk?) but in the middle of the street, the sign disappeared, and cars started comming at me from all ends. I tried to make it to the median, but I was running very slowly.. it was extremely ahrd to get to the middle and I kept losing my balance.

When I finally made it, there was a lady there. She didn't really speak English, but she told me that she needed some help because her car wouldn't start. I told her I'd find somebody who spoke Spanish to help her out. I found a guy who spoke a little bit of Spanish and I told him it's okay, that was enough, he only needed to help her out with her car. However, when we got back, the lady was gone.. A note was in her place that stated, "A piece of the second is the key.. Or else I will kill you." I told everybody (Suddenly there were police all around me) that what it meant was a fourth of something because it meant it was a half of a half of something.. which was the key. But nobody was listening to me and they kept blowing me off.. Even though I was positive that that was what it meant
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[03 Oct 2004|10:41am]

I apologize for my inactivity. I have had dreams and have been meaning to post, but I keep forgetting.. which is why I have decided to find a moderator to help me maintain this community. I think the key to keeping this community alive is activity, comments, and new members. If a member in this community shows me that they seem capable of obtaining the position of moderator, then I will promote them immediately!

Just know then that I'm on the look-out for members who do those three things.. Actively posts dreams and comments on other's dreams and who also strive to spread the word of this community. If you want, have new members say your username as a reference, and you will get "points" in a sense.

So, just know that I'm on the look-out and if you feel like you would like to be a moderator of this community, please go ahead and try your best!

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Another weird dream... [13 Sep 2004|11:05am]

I have this one about two to three weeks ago but it still troubles me. The long and short of it is this: In the dream, I'm dealing with this weird guy who keeps trying to get into my house and into my personal business. He looks a lot like a guy I knew in grad school, but I cannot imagine why this fellow would have it in for me.

I was at a house with my son and my mother (a house I don't own in Real Life) and this guy kept trying to see into the windows of my house and wouldn't leave the porch and generally creeped me out.

Finally I grabbed him and wrestled him away from the house and dragged him through this delapidated neighborhood. I was ended up getting lost AND wrestling a nutcase through this terrible place.

Finally, I got my bearings and figured out where I was going to go. I hoisted him up on my shoulders and carried him like a sack, he got lighter and easier to carry as time went by. I know this is disgusting, but the guy was so mad at me for carrying him off that he peed on me.

However, I found my way out of the bad neighborhood and toted the madman on my shoulders and as I was taking him to a police station, an ambulance (driven by two identical looking guys with grey haired crewcuts) showed up in front of a plate glass storefront and said "thats the guy we need, hand him over" which I did, I threw him in that back of the van and then the phone rang and I woke up.

That was the weirdest yet.

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[11 Sep 2004|05:54pm]

I have two recent dreams. (amazing!) They're pretty short, but.. hey, I'm the moderator and do believe I should contribute to this community!

In the first one, I had this one last night.. Anyway, I was stuck in Tijuana because the train (supposedly the only way out of this place..) only came once a week. So, I was walking down a corridor of this one guys house.. I had only met him a little while before, so he felt like an aquaintance. He had a weird name.. like.. Stanford.. Dammit, I can't believe I forgot his name. Anyway, I was walking in his house and I called out, "Stanford, are you there?" And he walked to me and said, "I'm not Stanford.." and was walking toward me as I walked backwards. He pinned me against the wall and started kissing me. He took my shirt off and we were getting pretty heavy when my boyfriend showed up behind us and was like, "Umm.. Shanna?" So I looked at him and then to Stanford and said, "Oh.. for some reason I thought he was you." And he laughed, and Stanford laughed, and I laughed.. topless. Then Stanfords mom walked up, staring at me half naked while Stanford was groping me and my boyfriend was staring at the two of us and she said without flinching, "Have you found a way home yet?" And I shook my head. The whole situation was surprising not the least bit akward.. which is the strange part.

In the second dream, I was in a big hotel. I walked outside to see my old, old best friend Taren. She was sliding on the floor (which was a river.. don't ask) in intertubes with her friends. I was shocked to see her and when her eyes caught mine, I panicked and ran back to my room.. I suddenly came to the realization that the hotel belonged to Taren and she was chasing after me. I got into my room, which was dirty and full of mud. Just as she walked in, a rat scampered across the floor. I turned to Taren and said, "See.. I told you there were rats here." In the corner my mom was gambling on a machine that displayed tarot cards instead of poker/playing cards.

SO, any thoughts? :p
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Hello [31 Aug 2004|10:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I am very happy to just find this journal. I dream A LOT and I know my bo' is probably getting tired of me telling him my weird dreams! LOL! I will probably be posting often especially when i get a particularly weird dream. I seem to be able to figure out segments of most of my dreams but some dreams elude me on their meaning.

See ya in your dreams! :-)

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Hello [30 Aug 2004|08:45am]

I cannot belive that I have found a place that seems to be just what I am looking for.

Hi, I'm an aquarius/pisces cusp with a lot of earth and fire in my chart and only one other planet in air. Aside from my cusp sun I have no water to speak of.

Anyhow, I've always been interested in dreams and I have had three of them I would like to share. I had them back around the begining of august and I put them on my hard drive back around august the eight.

They seem significant, but just plain WEIRD. So, in that light, I submit them respectfully to you.

Read more...Collapse )
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First entry [25 Aug 2004|01:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

So I finally figured out how to post on this dream solvers thing. My name is Alix I'm 17 (I turn 18 next month, hooray!)I usually have and remember quite a few dreams, so it's possible that I'll post a lot of them in here.
Am I supposed to link my dreams? Oh well, I don't know how to. Sorry Shanna.
Here my dream from last night, I only remember excerpts from it, but here it goes:

I was sitting at a small round table with a few people I don't know, and God was just chillin with us. We were talking to him, asking him to show us things about our lives in his perspective. He told a couple of people that they had to take some ectasy and LSD in order to look into their lives..weird. So in my dream I was not a good person, I stole, did other bad things that I don't remember. When God was showing me my life I was crying because I knew I was about to die and I didn't want to go to hell. I had realized that I lived a bad life, and I should've lived a better one. So I knew I only had a few minutes to live so I was changed, and I guess I was going to go to heaven.

Here's another dream I had a few days ago, that kind of relates to that:

Nick (my boyfriend) and I were walking around and the devil kept trying to fill all the space up around us with objects to trap us so we would suffocate and die. We were trying to escape him, but everywhere we went, we couldn't. It was really scary.

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[24 Aug 2004|04:17pm]

[ mood | bored ]

i had some weird dreams last night. i only remember certain parts of them, but for some reason i feel like they mean something. by the way, ive posted here before so my introduction post is somewhere a few entries down.

here it goesss.

i was at some weird adventure type place, it was like a mini golf course except everything was made out of wood. i was trying to find my way out of it, and i was looking for my bestfriend jon. when i found jon and we got out of the mini golf looking place, we were next to eachother and he was just holding me and i could feel his breathing on my neck and we were holding hands and our cheeks were pressed together and i got a really weird feeling of happiness..and i felt as if i was supposed to be there in his arms. it was strange. then i found out that we were trapped in michael jacksons house, and jon disappeared and suddenly i was with my sister maggie and some strangers. there was no way to escape michael jacksons house, because he had locked everything and the windows were unbreakable. even when he left the house, he made sure that nobody could use the phone or call. so we were pretty much stuck there with no escape.

anyways that was the end of my dream. maybe i should add that saturday night my bestfriend jon and i hooked up. alot. but it was only cause we were drunk so yeah. if anyone knows what this dream means tell me por favor i'd appreciate it.

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[19 Aug 2004|05:15am]

This is a dream I had awhile back. I’ve been wondering what it means, and since I have nothing better to do while the family sleeps, I thought I’d look into it now.

ThisCollapse )
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[15 Aug 2004|11:20am]

Lately, I just haven't been dreaming for some odd reason! So, I decided I would post a dream that I had about three years ago.. Eep. Here's a direct quote from my old journal:

well it started out with me and lavi. we were in this store and we were buying some liquid that was used for something but we used it to get high, and she was like adding stuff that would make us higher (^^;;) and then she says, "this is gonna make us so high!" and the clerk kicked us out and i yelled at her for being stupid so we got some guy to buy it and we climbed the roof and went through another way. there was all these clothes and we hid in them and watched the man buy our stuff but soon we lost interest and climbed to the roof and then there was a room next to us with Tom Green and lavi was like, "i hate him, let's leave" so we threw colored pencils at him (??) and it changed his hair different colors (??) so he got really mad and started chasing us and i was like, "run lavinia!!" and she ran really fast and i tripped so i was behind and then i went to this one house and my bio techer answered in a long skirt and her bra with three kids and was like, "shanna?" and i turned away and was about to tell her to call the police but realized they were here so i told her nevermind and went to the police to tell them about tom green but they were with him so they put me under a spell where i couldnt move and tom green came and like held me really tight i felt like i couldnt breathe and i told him i was sorry for coloring his hair i didnt know that it changed colors. then he took my pencils and i didn't have a brown one so he let me go and then he changed into this guy i like and i swear JUST as we were gonna kiss my alarm went off..

ahhh! :) it was so weird. sorta a nightmare... well, that's it. if anybody discovers any hidden meanings or what not, make a comment and let me know hehe ;D
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[15 Aug 2004|11:39am]

hey, my name's christa and i'm a libra, born october 4, 1989. up to about last year or two years ago i've always wanted to become a basketball player when i grew up, but i started to realize that i was not trully living up to what i wanted to do, but rather to what other people woudl think was "cool". my real love is the piano; i've been playing since i was four. my favorite composer is chopin; he entrances me with his music, i have two dogs- a shih tzu and a mix between a chow chow, german shepard (sp?) and yellow lab. she mainly looks like a yellow lab, however she has large black spots on her tongue since chow chows have black tongues. also, sopposably she acts like a chow chow; she's very fiesty and wild sometimes... i also have a best friend, maire, and 6 other very close friends. my parents divorced when i was four, an my mom remarried when i was 11. the last time i saw my dad was sometime around christmas? i don't really remember. he lives in a nursing home since he had a stroke when i was around 7. i'm an only child, but i have two half sisters (my dad married someone else before he married my mom)- uli and 'tini'- they both live in germany, however one is planning to move to maryland. i also have two step sisters, theyre somewhere around 25 and both live around me, tri-state area. i live in a 3-mile long town in new jersey.

well, i think that's enough about me, here's my dream(s): [sorry i don't know how to make that link)

August 8-9, 2004
It was a sunny day. it seemed as though practically my whole grade was outside, watching the sky. news of bombs on american soil was within whispers around me. i looked up into the sky, and there i saw one. it was in the shape of a pill, a greenish brownish color with a big oval on a part of it. i looked around, saying "i love you guys" and then everyone else started saying i love everyone here, i love you etc, we waited, it never hit.
i was coming home from (?) went inside my house, and i saw [some random girl in my grade] coming towards me, looking upset. she then asked me "i was just wondering if we could go to the mall together sometime". i was like sure...(even though i don't even know you)

August 9-10 2004
i was in a city, it was cold and possibly snowing. everyone keeps talking about this man who is "just like hitler". he then turns the corner of the very tall but skinny buildings, coming towards me with a sewing needle. he sticks the needle a countless number of times into my left hand (not my palm, the other side). the blood is a very dark red; skin seems to be coming off at some points, while at others there are just some red dots.
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