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First entry

So I finally figured out how to post on this dream solvers thing. My name is Alix I'm 17 (I turn 18 next month, hooray!)I usually have and remember quite a few dreams, so it's possible that I'll post a lot of them in here.
Am I supposed to link my dreams? Oh well, I don't know how to. Sorry Shanna.
Here my dream from last night, I only remember excerpts from it, but here it goes:

I was sitting at a small round table with a few people I don't know, and God was just chillin with us. We were talking to him, asking him to show us things about our lives in his perspective. He told a couple of people that they had to take some ectasy and LSD in order to look into their lives..weird. So in my dream I was not a good person, I stole, did other bad things that I don't remember. When God was showing me my life I was crying because I knew I was about to die and I didn't want to go to hell. I had realized that I lived a bad life, and I should've lived a better one. So I knew I only had a few minutes to live so I was changed, and I guess I was going to go to heaven.

Here's another dream I had a few days ago, that kind of relates to that:

Nick (my boyfriend) and I were walking around and the devil kept trying to fill all the space up around us with objects to trap us so we would suffocate and die. We were trying to escape him, but everywhere we went, we couldn't. It was really scary.
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