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I cannot belive that I have found a place that seems to be just what I am looking for.

Hi, I'm an aquarius/pisces cusp with a lot of earth and fire in my chart and only one other planet in air. Aside from my cusp sun I have no water to speak of.

Anyhow, I've always been interested in dreams and I have had three of them I would like to share. I had them back around the begining of august and I put them on my hard drive back around august the eight.

They seem significant, but just plain WEIRD. So, in that light, I submit them respectfully to you.

Ok, first dream. I'm in an old house, like an old clap board house. I hear my ex talking in the background. She's showing me the house but I cannot see her. Then, in one room of the house, I find a tiny white living buffalo. It's on a shelf covered with cobwebs and there looks like there is a birds nest trapped in the webs over the tiny white buffalo's head. I reach out and pet the tiny white buffalo, it seems all scruffy and maknourished.I remember asking Autumn, "Why isn't anyone feeding this tiny white Buffalo?"She answers "Oh, it's a genetic mutant, it will never grow. We are just going to let it die.I remember saying in the dream. That's terrible. You shouldn't let something die because it is too small.Then these webs shot out of the bird's nest and pulled the tiny white buffalo up into the bird's nest and I saw spider's legs grab it. and Wrap it up in a cocoon and pull it into the bird;s nest.Then I realized that the webs were a lot bigger and almost rainbow colored than I had realized. Then...(I know this is going to sound weird) A piece of toast drops out of the web to lure me somehow. Yeah I know, BIZARRE

Second dream: I'm at my new job. There are three women, who are guiding and mentoring me in my new job. Then as time goes by they fade into the background. It's rather weird. Because as I am working I realize that my ex wife has set me up to get fired. Because she has known all along that I would be fired for seeing her and she encouraged me with false hope. She had several people there who were helping her, one of which was her real boyfriend. he was a guy I used to be friends with years ago, but I haven't seen him in ages. He then turned into someguy that I know works at my job, but I don't know his name or what he does.

Third dream. This one is.....well obviously some pent up lust and or frustration bubbling up out of my subconscious. In this one, I met this girl...well woman I would have to say. (A note: this dream was obviously the product of my depraved subconscious, it seemed tenuously connected to the other one's but I'm kinda like....too good, too sensual, the other one's were just plain alarming and depressing).
Anyhow..this woman, age was indeterminate. Sometimes younger than me, sometimes seeming more like my age. She was good looking, but in terms of attractiveness, not what I usually go for. She had red hair, dark gold red with green grey eyes. The hair was bobbed short, like a straight cut but somehow curving up and complimenting her face somehow. I can't describe it any better than that. High cheek bones and very fair skin. I saw her in varying forms of attire. I won't go into details, nothing too provacative, but rather distracting though. mostly because of the woman IN the clothes as opposed to what she chose to wear. T-shirts and jeans mostly, with red sneakers of all things (white laces).

The thing of it is, is that I couldn't hear her for most of it. She was always showing up and seeming to be right next to me or behind me or in the next room. She was talking to me a lot, but I just couldn't seem to understand what she was saying. At one point (ok this WILL sound weird) she was on the floor, on all fours in front of a coffe table. (NOOOO dangit! She was fully dressed!!!. It wasn't a kinky dream!!)Anyhow, she kept peeking up from behind it, kinda like she was playing peekaboo or trying to be cute or something. In the dream I just sorta looked at her like..."what?"

Finally, when my ex called on the phone, she (the girl not the ex) grabbed my face pulled it close to hers and said. "I'm right here dumbass" Then I woke up.
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For your first dream, buffalos are usually associated with income and ventures. I don't know if this is very useful or not, but the people were treating it carelessly, which you were disgusted by. Then, you were lured into the same trap the buffalo, referencing in this situation money, by a treat.. Are you in a situation where you see another carelessly spending money while you seem to be struggling to obtain and/or "care" for it in a respect?
More on the first dream, when you dream about animals, they represent your own desires and characteristics. I don't really know much about buffalos and their characteristics or representations, though.. :p

For your second dream, it also seems to revolve around the concept of money and a sort of insecurity of losing your income. You might also feel betrayed by your ex wife, but because there are three women who are now guiding you and mentoring you.. I think this might mean one of these two things: you are either getting over your ex-wife and ready to seek out other women, or you are still insecure about the thought of it because they end up.. firing you, I guess, and are watching you as you work.. I don't know..!

And, finally, your third. The woman you describe seems wild, careless, and unchanging.. since her age is never determinable. Her fiery hair and mysterious eyes are probably your mind's concept of your ideal fling, I suppose. She's not what you usually go for, so it would more be.. like you said, lust, instead of a dating-type situation. The predominant color "red" in your dream no doubt gives an aura of lust and passion. Red is an indication of raw energy, force, vigor, intense passion, aggression, power, courage and passion. The color red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations. Red is also the color of danger, shame, sexual impulses and urges. But, it seems that you aren't really satisfieing those urges, no matter how hard the woman seemed to be trying to get your attention. She spoke to you, but you didn't understand her. As if you are shying away from lust and your sexual desires. Maybe it's time to choose between you ex or a few wild night of dating or passion. (That sentence sounded funny..)

That's just my take on them. :)
Wow. Thank you! Thats very interesting, a lot of food for thought.