Lachlan (lachlan) wrote in dreamsolvers,

Another weird dream...

I have this one about two to three weeks ago but it still troubles me. The long and short of it is this: In the dream, I'm dealing with this weird guy who keeps trying to get into my house and into my personal business. He looks a lot like a guy I knew in grad school, but I cannot imagine why this fellow would have it in for me.

I was at a house with my son and my mother (a house I don't own in Real Life) and this guy kept trying to see into the windows of my house and wouldn't leave the porch and generally creeped me out.

Finally I grabbed him and wrestled him away from the house and dragged him through this delapidated neighborhood. I was ended up getting lost AND wrestling a nutcase through this terrible place.

Finally, I got my bearings and figured out where I was going to go. I hoisted him up on my shoulders and carried him like a sack, he got lighter and easier to carry as time went by. I know this is disgusting, but the guy was so mad at me for carrying him off that he peed on me.

However, I found my way out of the bad neighborhood and toted the madman on my shoulders and as I was taking him to a police station, an ambulance (driven by two identical looking guys with grey haired crewcuts) showed up in front of a plate glass storefront and said "thats the guy we need, hand him over" which I did, I threw him in that back of the van and then the phone rang and I woke up.

That was the weirdest yet.

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