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ok here is a snippett of my dream last night:

I was trying to get through this cave that had a river going through it. Bright Vines and beige rocks were coming down from the ceiling and i was holding onto on of the vines. The water was a very light blue with dark blue streaks going through it. Almost like a fake water created in photoshop. I stepped on a rock, which kinda moved from my weight on it. I balanced myself then went to step onto the next rock which was a stretch to do. I had barely touched the rock with one foot when i heard a roaring sound. I knew it was a tidal wave coming from the tunnel behind me. I held onto the vine and when the water hit me i screamed as loud as i could. I knew that no one could hear me over the water so i made sure it was loud. I seem to be screaming more of frustration than hurt or fear.

i woke up screaming - which of course scared my boyfriend! LOL!
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