your flaming lonely friend (yin_yang_dragon) wrote in dreamsolvers,
your flaming lonely friend


ok, um, it's 1:30 in the morning, so i am too tired right now to give an intro to myself, but i promise to do so in the very near future. anyway, i am uber happy to see this community here. you guys/gals are just what i was looking, here it is:

ok, i had this dream 2 nights ago, and when i woke up, i grabbed the nearest Post-it pad and this is what i wrote down:

group of people -> hiking trip -> line of supplies -> uphill -> failed (4 groups, mine failed) -> classroom -> test -> phone (cell) rang -> it was Sawitsky *side note: sawitsky is an old friend of mine from middle school who i still talk with once a month, who was also my psychologist* -> teacher -> never speak to him again -> answered -> ran out of room after failing college -> seeing records being erased on TV screen slowly -> returned for shoes -> room full of new teachers -> pulled me aside and said there are rules to follow here -> Woke up

anyone have any interpretations, explanations, readings, etc. from this that might help me figure out what the hell is going on in my subconscious? (by the way, unfortunatly, i can't remember any of it, so i can't clarify anything) please, leave something that might help? thank you...
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