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This is a really intense dream so read at your own peril..

Hi, my name's Liliana. About two days ago I had the weirdest dream. Um, I'm not really clear on the beginning, I mostly remember the end and when I tell you about it I'm sure you'll understand why.

Okay, first a little background information. One of the girls in my dream, Keshia, we used to be upset with each other and so we didn't talk. The other one, Vanessa, was, I guess, feeling really close to Keshia so when we started fighting so did me and Vanessa. Although, me and Vanessa have never been really close so I never really cared. The other girl, Helena, is my friend, well more of an aquientence really, and we are not fighting. We still don't talk though.

Okay, me and Keshia had just made up.. we're in the frozen food desert section of a grocery store. We are walking out of the section when she sees Vanessa, who apparently she's mad at, and they make up. I see Helena and tell her "Hi" and ask her how she's been. She tells me she can't talk to me because Vanessa's upset with me and we aren't talking. Well, I get upset and walk off somewhere on my own.. I forgot where. Keshia, Vanessa, and Helena walk out the store and into a courtyard just like our high school used to have. Well, I go outside and see them sitting at the table talking.. I roll my eyes and keep on walking, just ignoring them, and continue on into the other door which is located by where they're sitting. Well, I walk in and it turns out to be a high school (I'm a substitute teacher) and i continue on down the long hallway, which looks just like the one in my middle school (white tiles with a blue stripe going horizontally down the hall). Well, there's another hall to my left and I go down it, I'm on my way to the bathroom, and there's a student in an orange shirt (don't remember the logo) and blue jeans. He had a blondish brown hair (dirty blonde?) and he was using his cell phone (and he's very lanky or wiry like a soccer player). Well, he's right there by the bathrooms. As I'm passing him I get this really eerie feeling, like he's a horrible person, but I keep on walking anyway and go into the bathroom (As I go in I see him looking in my direction). Well, it turns out that the hallway that leads you into the bathroom is not one of those short ones where it's turn, hallway, and 2 seconds later, turn and there's the bathroom. No, this bathroom has a medium long hallway and this hallway has mirrors all along the right side.. side to side mirrors. Well, I'm in the bathroom fixing my hair, making sure I'm looking good before I go back to.. class? I guess.. when I see the guy that had been loitering coming into the bathroom (I see this through the mirrors). I start backing up into one of the stall (they don't have doors but they ARE the girl's bathroom), and he's, like, ,whistling or something and staring down at this camcorder he has in his hands. Next thing I know he's in and he's looking at me and coming in my direction. There's another guy who comes in (a heavy set guy, taller then the other one) and he starts setting up the camcorder on a tripod. They're there talking and laughing, meanwhile, the other guy in the orange shirt is still coming towards me and this feeling of panic starts to set in.. When I had first started backing towards the stall I remembered about the girls right outside and that my friend Keshia was there with them and that I knew she'd come running to help me. So, I take my cellphone out of my pocket (my real life palm centro) and I just start hoping like's no tomorrow that my phone doesn't mess up on me when I'm dialing (sometimes you think it's calling but it'll hang up so you have to call again). Anyway, I start calling only the closer he gets I realize it's not working.. the call seems to not be going through.. Next thing I know he's right there taking off his belt (a really think black one), he just unbuckles it and whips it right out like nothing. Well, he keeps coming (the whole time there's this creepy smile or grin on his face) and I'm still backing up slowly and next thing I know I'm waking up. I thank goodness that I woke up before I can dream anything back happening, because I think we all know what I was dreaming was about to happen to me. Anyway, it took a little while for the feeling of panic and.. being scared for myself to go way.. I've never had a dream like that before and there was no reason to have it now.. It was really, REALLY creepy.
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