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Dream Solvers

Moonlight Mystery Extraordinares

Dream Solvers - Moonlight Mystery Extraordinares
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Got a dream that you just can't figure out? Do you believe that dreams might be linked to your future or be giving you hints on what to do in a difficult situation that you're currently dealing with? Don't know where to turn..? Turn to Dream Solvers!

Dream Solvers to the rescue!!

Okay, end corny introduction. This community is about dreams and for those who believe that their is more to dreams than just your mind's rambles. It's also open to those who don't really believe in dream interpretation, but are here merely for the amusement. Members can post their dreams and allow for other members to interpret them.

In order for this community to work, people will need to respond to the posted dreams. Activity is the key. Also, it wouldn't be too much if you had a dream book and referred to it, letting the poster know what the book has to say about his or her dream.

FIRSTLY,all new members are strongly advised to introduce themselves in their first post. A little background history and character establisment will greatly help in making the dream interpretation more person or acurate..!

So with all that said..

Restless nights of thoughtful struggles. Haunting nightmares, and baffling dreams. There are answers. Dreams solvers, a community to provide insight to your midnight mullings.

This is a really new community in desperate search for new members... Advertise or show your friends, please! Here are some banners to use..